DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah Have So Much ‘More’ In Store

As promised, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Ayah are dropping teasers galore in advance of Back For More's July 12th release date. Last week we got "Notorious," and this week brings us the mixtape's title cut, which we actually got to hear a lengthy bit of last year on the This Way Album Sampler. Now hearing the whole song has me amped for the whole mixtape if it sounds even remotely as good as this soultronic groove, which I know it will because anything that these two touch is golden. In addition to releasing this perfect summer jam just in time for the holiday weekend, Jeff and Ayah premiered the first episode of the Q&A Sessions where both artists take turns asking each other questions and giving some insight into their collaboration. Jeff is up first in the hot seat, which you can view after the bounce to find out exactly how these two even hooked up in the first place and his thoughts on working with Ayah. Watch that, but not before you listen to this.

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