Does Johnny Gill Get You ‘In The Mood’?

My, my, my, Johnny Gill is looking like he's swum a few laps in the fountain of youth on a relay team with Prince, Q-Tip, Common, Pharrell, and Raphael Saadiq in the video for "In the Mood." JG is giving you young whippersnappers a run for your money and honeys, but outside of Johnny providing more proof that black don't crack, the video is pretty formulaic. There's Johnny as the paramour; a fair-skinned, long-haired beauty as his lady; a mansion; a raging fire; wine and the lovebirds sharing intimate moments. I feel like I've seen this video a few times before in the '90s, but that's OK with me because it's tastefully done and, although not the most exciting, it works for this song. 



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