KING Share Their ‘Story’ With Parlour Magazine

Let's face it, the title "newcomer(s) of 2011" was decided in the first quarter of the year. I can't think of anyone else who has made as big a splash on the soul music scene as LA trio KING, nor can I imagine anyone else stealing their thunder in the five or so months we have left of this year. Paris, Amber, and Anita can already cite industry superweights Questlove, Erykah Badu, and Prince as fans and have collaborated with SoulBounce fave's The Foreign Exchange, all on the strength of their three-track EP, The Story, which was released back in February. This is a story that most independent artists can only dream of, however for KING this is only the beginning. The ladies sat down with Parlour Magazine to discuss their journey thus far, the artists they admire, the story behind their name, and more. If for some unfathomable reason you are yet to check out The Story do yourself a favor and click here.

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