Nostalgia 77 Bring A ‘Hush’ To Your Busy Day

There is something that you need to know here before you press play. The video for "Hush," Nostalgia 77's latest release from this year's The Sleepwalking Society, is odd. Once you get past all the weirdness here (seriously, the video is kids riding bikes in monkey masks and tails), you can focus on the important stuff. Director Steve Glaisher culled archival footage from a 1960s bicycle safety film (I don't even wanna know how this equals bike safety), and then edited it to capture the modern jazz song's dreamy haze. The final product is a hypnotic, almost trance-like visual reminiscent of those bygone days when you hoped childhood never ended. Oddly, I can't imagine the video being any different for this song after seeing it, and it's a totally different use of the same footage that Boom Clap Bachelors used for the more upbeat "Falder Ind Og Falder Ud."

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