Will You Be Satisfied With Miguel’s ‘Quickie’?

After watching Miguel's video for the song "Quickie," the words that immediately came to mind to describe it were gritty and moist. I mean, it's definitely sexy, with vamps in lingerie acting all vampy. It's artsy and "eclectric" too, as Miguel likes to say, shot in black and white and with lots of cigarettes and half empty glasses of drink strewn about. One thing threw me off, though -- the theme of the song doesn't quite match its visual representation. When I think of a quickie, I think of the urgency two people have to get it in. It's hard to convey that urgency when there are five different women vying for your body. Also, because Miguel is just as or if not more beautiful than the women in the video with him, I couldn't really project the carnal desires the song inspires onto him. I still like the song. I still like Miguel. I just want more passion.



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