Carl Thomas Is Back For ‘Round 2’

A lot of things can happen in four years. Newborns can grow into rambunctious toddlers, people can graduate from high school or college, and many an artist can fall off ride off into the sunset never to be heard from again. That is unless you're Carl Thomas, who four years after his last album, So Much Better, returns to the soul scene with his fourth album, Conquer, on October 4th. Newly signed to Verve, this may be the album to catapult Carl back on the charts if the first single is any indication. "Round 2" finds Thomas likening his bed to a boxing ring and encouraging his lady to bring her body back for another round of some of his good loving so he can "knock it out." How very R. Kelly of him, but in Carl's case the song veers more toward the sexy than the skanky.

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