Is Hamilton Park The Next Male Group To Impress ‘Us’?

We've long lamented the lack of male groups here at SoulBounce. The game just hasn't been the same since the heyday of acts like Jodeci, 112Dru Hill, and Jagged Edge. But Hamilton Park, a group of four young men who draw their inspiration from those artists, is trying to follow in their footsteps and with famed record exec Andre Harrell leading the charge, it just may happen. Hailing from Atlanta, Anthony, Mr. Marcus Lee, Chris Voice, and Royce P, got signed to Harrell's label on Atlantic Records in 2010. Earlier this year they dropped a single and video for the song "Computer Love," which didn't register on our radar at the time, but their current song "Thing Called Us" has gotten our attention thanks to this brand new video. There's a true-to-life storyline present that matches the theme of the slow jam, with one of the members flipping out after his girlfriend happily announces that she's pregnant. Over the course of these visuals, the foursome take a few pointers from the Male R&B Group Handbook with lots of emoting, pointing into the camera while singing, stomping to get their point across, singing in the rain at night on a desolate city street, and wearing matching outfits. Hey, if it worked in the '90s, it can still work now, right? It remains to be seen whether Hamilton Park's career will go the way of their idols or if they'll end up like Subway, Mista, Ideal, and a host of other R&B footnotes, but the potential for greatness is there.

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