Saturn Never Sleeps Bring Us ‘Grace’ And Beauty

It's been a big week for Saturn Never Sleeps. That's because not only did the dynamic duo consisting of DJ/producer King Britt and self-dubbed science fiction vocalist Rucyl drop their debut project, Yesterday's Machine, but they also released not one but two accompanying videos. "Grace" and "DRK" get the video treatment, with both visuals providing the perfect companion to the SNS's minimalistic sound. "Grace," directed by artist Rux, is as simple as they come. No really. The entire video consists only of close-up shots of sunlight-drenched grass. Neither Britt or Rucyl make any appearances in the video, with the only action coming from a dandelion flower, which dangles in and out of focus. However, it's the simplicity of the video that draws you into the song's ambient sounds. It maintains an ethereal feel that fits the song like a glove. As Rucyl sings about wanting someone that's beyond her reach, the summer breeze gently breaks apart the dandelion flower's seed head, focusing on the cotton-like pieces as they float away. A fitting image, since symbolically, blowing on the delicate flower is said to make wishes come true, in this case presumably a wish for the unrequited love she sings of. Or I could be completely off-base and the video is just to meant to be what it is: a beautiful view of nature. Check it out and let us know what you think the video is trying to convey. And also, be sure to hit the bounce to watch the equally artful visuals for "DRK."

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