The Rurals Wanna Give You ‘A Little Something’

If you guys have noticed anything about me in my short time here at SoulBounce, it's that I love a laid-back groove. Imagine my joy this morning when I pressed play and found just that. As The Rurals, an English outfit that definitely knows its way around a jazzy, soulful house groove, are gearing up for the August 19th release of their latest album Ocean, they're dropping little gems all over the place. "A Little Something" is one such gem and it is like a day at the beach. No words complicate this getaway as The Rurals supply you with all you need: a melodic saxophone hovering above a pulsing bass drum and steady bass guitar groove and supported by subtle chords. It's only appropriate that the organ kicks in towards the song's end, as it's almost a religious experience going on here. Press play below to get into The Rurals' groove and, once you're done with that, hit the bounce for a serene video montage for the song "On My Way," which features vocalist Diviniti. [H/T: BLS]

The Rurals: A Little Something

After the bounce

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