Amanda Seales & Her ‘Trendsettas’ Do Paris

She may have dropped the "Diva" from her name, but that hasn't stopped Amanda Seales from going strong this year. She's made a handful of appearances on Showbiz Tonight, and in April, she dropped her free EP Madame Monochrome, much to her fans' delight. Buoyed by the initial video for the EP's standout, "Manchild," it rekindled my interest in Amanda's musical endeavors. During a trip to Paris, the newly-minted Ms. Seales filmed another video for the set's second-best song, "Trendsettas." The video is essentially just Amanda being Amanda while walking along the streets of Paris, but it's full of the former Diva's fun personality (she even does her own back handsprings around the 2:45 mark). It's a great video to watch as the fun of the summer begins to give way to the brisk autumn air. If you like the feel of the song, be sure to check out her Madame Monochrome EP, which has quite a few nice joints on it.

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