Amber Mimz Wants To Give You A ‘Kiss’

Ahh, the forehead kiss. Originally a (not so) secret move of seduction in the male arsenal, it was officially outed by Taye Diggs and company in 1999's The Best Man and has been talked about ever since. New York-based songstress Amber Mimz brings her own interpretation of just what the kiss can do in her video for "4Head Kiss" from her Urban Romance Sessions EP. Just like the kiss itself, the video is simple, showing Amber going through her day-to-day and thinking of the man who uses the kiss oh so well. Sadly, it does take a surprising turn at the end of the vid as we see him using that maneuver on someone else. (Are we going to get another video explaining what happened? I hope so.) It's a great video for a very simple, sensual song. In fact, if I had heard this track about a week ago, it probably would've been one of my picks for our Cuffin' Season playlist, but it will still find a home on my own personal G.T.D. mix. If you want to get a taste of just what the forehead kiss can do for you, press play below.

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