‘C’Mon’ & Watch Bernhoft Put It Down On ‘Ellen’

Yesterday afternoon while absentmindedly channel surfing, I happened to catch a commercial for Ellen and my ears were bitten by a soulful melody that ended way too quick when she went on to say who else was gonna be on the show that day. Needless to say, I had to stick around to watch to hear who owned that ridiculously awesome voice. A few segments and breaks later I was finally introduced to a one-man hurricane from Norway who goes by one name: Bernhoft. After briefly chatting it up with Ellen Degeneres, he grabbed his guitar and proceeded to perform his song "C'Mon Talk." I was instantly smitten by his Norwegian soul stylings as he stood there singing and making beats on the spot. What he performed on Ellen's stage is only a tip of his musical iceberg, though. A quick trip around his YouTube channel unlocked a bevy of other videos of him singing, beat-boxing, playing various instruments, and in general turning it out. Hit the bounce to see him in action on his song "Choices" to get a taste, then keep this cat on your Nordic radar.

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