Go ‘Behind These Bars’ With The Revelations & Tré Williams

It's been a few years since we deemed The Revelations feat. Tré Williams as Bounce-Worthy and a couple years since hearing any new music from the talented outfit. That drought will end on October 25th when their new album, Concrete Blues, drops. If the soul-searing single, "Behind These Bars," is any indication, then The Revelations and lead singer Williams are back in fine form. Possessing a voice that can sing lesser singers out of town to rethink their lives, Tré brings to life the struggle of a man who is behind bars literally and figuratively. Singing from the point of view of someone incarcerated, Williams laments about his lady who he is trying hard to love from the inside but he knows in his heart that he has to let that love go. Sadly this is a life that many brothers and sisters know all too well. Between Tré's storytelling and blues-drenched vocals, this song truly tugs at the heartstrings.

The Revelations feat. Tré Williams: "Behind These Bars"


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