It’s Hard To ‘Hurt’ After Listening To Anthony Hamilton & Tarsha McMillian

It's hard to imagine that you could fall any more in love with a voice as rich and soulful as Anthony Hamilton's, that is until you hear him sing with his wife Tarsha McMillian. Who knew that all this talent was under one roof? Well, I did actually, as I had the opportunity to interview Anthony some years ago, and to my pleasure I not only found out his wife is incredibly talented in her own right but a Cleveland native (yes, I'm shouting out Ohio again) as well. Their duet, "I Hurt You," is filled with the trials of love we know all too well from the realization of wounds inflicted on your significant other to that
unending desire to give it one more try. The heartfelt collaboration of husband and wife comes together in such an effortlessly beautiful way, creating a love song that feels like classic soul music. With an album in the works for early 2012, we can only hope that Anthony chooses to include this gem.

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