Morning Soul: Do You Really Want To Touch It?

  • Mark de Clive-Lowe and Nia Andrews' single "The Why" is now available for a limited-time free download. Get it while it's hot. [TT]
  • Fantasia revealed that she'll be giving birth to a son and her baby shower date is the day of her baby daddy's wedding anniversary. Trifling, coincidence or trifling coincidence? [CL]
  • Ever wonder what a bunch of supermodels lip-syncing "Empire State of Mind" in the streets of NYC would look like? Neither did we, but here's a video of just that. [PD]
  • Prince Markie Dee of The Fats Boys has slimmed down considerably. [TMZ]
  • Ludacris was on top of the world after climbing the Great Wall of China. [RU]

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