Say ‘Yes’ To Musiq Soulchild

When it comes to Musiq Soulchild, I must say that my excitement for the R&B crooner has waned
a bit over the years leaving me feeling a tad underwhelmed. However, after the tugging
of more than a few heartstrings while watching the stunning visuals for "Yes," the most
recent single off of the MusiqInTheMagiq LP, my lukewarm feelings have changed quite
a bit. The heartfelt video makes you feel personally connected to the struggles so many
women face while dealing with breast cancer whether the battle is theirs or that of a loved
one. While I enjoyed Musiq's touching performance, Jasmine Burke who plays Musiq's
love interest is indeed the heart and soul of the video. Burke's portrayal of a woman
fighting through the different stages of breast cancer is done in such a beautifully human
way you can't help but to empathize with her. The scene that struck me most was when
Burke realized she was loosing her hair, which took me back to watching my aunt deal with
this part of cancer that is not only physical but very public. To see Musiq come in with
scissors in hand to help his lady let go with each strand of hair he cut was as powerful as
watching Burke's tears over the initial loss. The video follows the couple over a span of
three years ending with a lovely wedding that at first seems quite simple until you realize
the attendees are all standing together in a sea of pink solidarity. What makes this even
more profound is that the women in the video are cancers survivors from the Atlanta
metro area. A universal theme of healing and awareness resonates throughout the video
transforming what could have been just another love song into a message of hope. "Yes"
also shines a light on Musiq's new role as an ambassador for the Susan G. Komen for the
Cure Circle of Promise
. It is always wonderful to see artists use their celebrity in a way
that benefits others.

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