This Is Proof That Stevie Is Indeed ‘Wonder-FULL’

If you paid any attention to Twitter over the weekend, then you probably heard about WonderFULL-LA this past Saturday night. I can attest from attending the NYC counterpart that the event, DJ Spinna's annual tribute to the sheer musical genius that is Stevie Wonder, is an amazing time unto itself. It's a non-stop party full of Stevie's records (those he performed and those he wrote and produced for others) that's an awesome experience. However, when the man himself shows up, it becomes something altogether different. The west coast crowd at this year's event knows exactly what I mean as Stevie graced the stage this year much to their delight (and to the chagrin of everyone of us who couldn't attend). He performed a bit of "Sir Duke" and "All I Do" and even flipped the tables a bit, requesting Michael Jackson's "Rock With You" as he sang along with his own version of the lyrics. Luckily for us, the good folks over at FroLab were on hand to capture the magic for everyone's enjoyment. Check out Mr. Wonder and DJ Spinna below and jump after the bounce to see Stevie sing his own "special" version of "Rock With You" and speak on 9/11.

After the bounce

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