Bobbie Gordon Is Dealing With ‘Matters Of The Heart’

Emails proclaiming their subject as "the next big thing" are ten-a-penny round these parts. I suppose that is to be expected, given that a publicist's job is to convince those on the receiving end of such emails that their artist should be featured above all others. Rarely do such proclamations have much substance behind them, but sometimes there are glimmers of hope to be salvaged from the wreckage that is the SoulBounce inbox. One such glimmer is up-and-coming British singer/songwriter Bobbie Gordon. Having performed alongside the likes of the Noisettes, Adele, and Cee-Lo, now it's time for Bobbie to launch her solo career with the release of her Matters Of The Heart EP on November 14th. The five-track EP (six if you count the bonus remix) sees Bobbie's sweet, melodic vocals encompassing soul, folk-pop, and even a little bit of funk and light rock. She has been likened to fellow Brits Lily Allen, Shingai Shinowa, and even, somewhat lazily, Corinne Bailey Rae, but I think that her sound is original, if not totally unique. You can catch the fun, animated video for the EP's title track below and keep an ear out for more from Bobbie Gordon soon.

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