‘Hit The Floor’ With Proh Mic, Coultrain & Uncle Imani

Producer/multi-instrumentalist Proh Mic is coming so strong on his debut album, Rhythm For Days, when it drops on October 25th. That was crystal clear when he dropped the single "Turn It Over" with Coultrain with the b-side "Sleep In Girl" featuring Tone Trezure earlier this year. But now he presents more evidence that Rhythm For Days deserves a spot in your record collection with "Hit the Floor," once again linking up with his Hawthorne Headhunters' brethren Coultrain and getting an assist on the rhyme tip from Uncle Imani of The Pharcyde. As usual, Coultrain's voice is a spiritual experience, and Uncle Imani begins his rap with a throwback cadence that might lead you to spontaneously start doing an old school dance or at least a mean two-step. This song is soul, it is hip hop, it is funk, it is electronica -- basically everything we love here at SoulBounce. And you'll love it, too, with the free download. Just remember the date October 25th to buy the entire album when it's released on the All Natural label.

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