It’s A Mod, Mod World In Beyoncé’s ‘Countdown’

I'm not particularly fond of "Countdown," the frenetic, Boyz II Men-sampling track from Beyoncé's 4, but due to a certain someone in my life, it's been downright inescapable and has started to grow on me. Now the mama-to-be has gone ahead and dropped the video, the fourth we've seen from 4. In it, she channels film icon Audrey Hepburn through her signature pixie haircut and the black turtleneck and pants combo that she donned in Sabrina, and she also gives a shot of the baby bump (though I'm pretty sure she padded for the occasion, as she's her usually svelte self in the rest of the video). Outside of that, it's a vibrant, multi-colored joyride into the world of B complete with dozens of outfit changes, glamorous wigs (brunette is a good look on Mrs. Carter-Knowles), and that alluring (yet somehow unsettling) eye-blinking thing that she always seems to do in her videos. Overall, it's a fun little shindig and that I'm sure will please all you B fans out there.

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