Jesse Boykins III & The Beauty Created Light Up Fuse TV

Although he has yet to drop his long-awaited next album, 2011 is turning into quite a prolific year for Jesse Boykins III. You can't turn around without hearing a remix, downloading a mixtape, or seeing a new video from the wild-haired soul man. He's blessing our eyes and ears again with an interview and performance segment that he recorded for Fuse TV recently. The music video channel invited Jesse and his band, The Beauty Created, to be a part of The Mixdown: Live to Tape Sessions. Live in studio footage of Jesse performing "Tabloids" and "B4 the Night is Thru" is mixed in him chatting it up about how the places he's lived (Miami, Chicago, Jamaica) have all influenced his music, the marketing tool that was "neo-soul," and other topics related to his craft. I've heard JB3 sound way better singing live before, so this isn't representative of what he's capable of on stage, but it's always a pleasure to see that afro in motion.  

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