A ‘Seven Nation Army’ Can’t Hold Kimberly Nichole Back

As anyone who's ever had the pleasure of seeing Kimberly Nichole perform live can attest, this sista loves to rock out. With her love of frilly tutus and shunning the typical uniform of all black in favor of white or brightly colored outfits, KimNicky isn't your typical rocker chick, however. And her brand of rock is backed by overflowing amounts of soul.

Dubbing herself the "Rock Ballerina" and bestowing the same name on her new freEP, Kimberly Nichole takes The White Stripes' popular hit "Seven Nation Army" and freaks it like only she can. She sounds like a more sophisticated and refined Fantasia here, her voice possessing both power and control.

This appears to be the first taste of Rock Ballerina with additional covers of her favorite rock songs coming soon. With this available as a free download on her Bandcamp page and the promise of more tracks along these lines, we surely can't wait to rock with her a little more. [Photo: Joann Gomez/Music Looks Like This]

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