Daley Returns With A ‘Smoking’ New Video

Not much has been heard from Daley's way over on this side of the pond since he released his Those Who Wait mixtape over the summer, but that doesn't mean he hasn't been busy (as anyone who follows him on Twitter knows). For those not in the know, he recently dropped the video for the standout track "Smoking Gun." Whether the song's lyrics are being literal or figurative is up to your own interpretation, but what isn't up for interpretation is how interesting this video is. Avoiding the obvious of showing Daley brandishing a gun, the video opts for a more mysterious feel with its crisp black-and-white cinematography. He's of course rocking his now-signature coif (and some new facial hair!) during his performance pieces and the video cuts between him and an artistically painted woman, capturing it all in a kaleidoscope of visual effects. For those wanting more, "Smoking Gun" has been bundled with two remixes and Daley's song "Game Over" for sale over at iTunes. As well, he will performing an acoustic set at New York's SOB's December 20th. While you purchase the bundle and the tickets, check out what you'll be getting in the "Smoking Gun" video below.



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