Don’t Be ‘Stubborn,’ Check Out Novel’s Latest

The emo R&B train has picked up another passenger, but before you roll your eyes and dismiss this person as another Frank Ocean knock-off think twice because Novel is no copycat. The man who once told us that he could eat a "Peach" for hours simply shows us another side of his talent by making his soul simmer instead of boil over on the track "Stubborn" taken from the album Calligraphy. That project has been in limbo for a minute now, but maybe with the release of these visuals it could be coming forth sometime soon. Or not, and this video is just to tide us over. Whatever the case, the song and its visual component are both quite good. Novel laments about how sorry he is and sings about a relationship hanging by a thread while the video shows a woman seemingly at the end of her rope when her relationship takes a turn for the worst. You're intrigued enough to keep watching, but it's the song that you'll want to keep hearing long after it ends. [H/T: OKP]

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