Gordon Chambers Is ‘Sincere’ In His ‘Love’

Some people are just hard to love. No matter what you do, you just can't get through to them. It may be no fault of your own but the result of whatever demons they have to exorcise on their own before they can receive what you want to give. That is the premise of Gordon Chambers' new single and video for the song "I Can't Love You (If You Don't Love You)." A track found on his recently released third album, Sincere, Gordon sings to his loved one that he can only love them so much until they start loving themselves. The lyrics are brought to life in the visuals by none other than songstress Sy Smith who plays Gordon's tormented female lead. I have to say that Sy puts in an Academy Award-winning performance here in the role and engrosses the viewer with her struggle and eventual redemption. This is an unexpectedly great video. I love when that happens.

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