Ryan Leslie’s ‘Beautiful Lie’ Gets Another Video

Ryan Leslie is on his n--ga in Paris swag in the official music video for the song "Beautiful Lie." Chronicling Ryan and some model chick's romantic romp in the City of Light, the black-and-white visuals are worth a watch. If you recall, however, this is actually the second video for this song, the first of which was a performance-based clip to originally hit the net earlier this year and feature RLes doing more rapping than singing. Nothing has changed on the track itself, and dude is seriously serious about his next album, Les Is More, being all hip hop. Although I'm still not understanding that, I have noted that Ryan Leslie's career not been the same since the rise of Drake. Coincidence that he now wants to do the backstroke in hip-hop's bumpy waters? I think not. Will he need a life vest and some better rhymes to survive in the hip-hop game? I think so. This new video for "Beautiful Lie" is the second following "Glory" and the next in a series of 10 videos that he will be releasing for the Les Is More visual album. With eight more videos to come, this could get interesting.

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