Super Smoky Soul & Muhsinah Have Us Begging For ‘More’

Muhsinah's most recent project, the EP Gone, has been in heavy rotation since its mid-summer release. Before we get some new solo material from her, she does some international expansion and has linked up with Tokyo-based Super Smoky Soul, a hip-hop electronica trio. The resulting collaboration is on the song "More." The track Super Smoky Soul provides for Muhsinah suits her voice well, and it's good to hear her step out and work with different producers. This unique match-up definitely has us hoping that this first song together won't be their last. Listen to the single "More" below and keep your ear to the ground for Super Smoky Soul's new EP on Japan's Circulations label to drop on iTunes on November 16th.

Super Smoky Soul feat. Muhsinah: "More"


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