Take A ‘Feel Trip’ With Radio Galaxy

Sometimes good music just hits you out of the blue. That was the case with space-age funk and soul crew Radio Galaxy. There I was, minding my business, when FWMJ, hip-hop connoisseur and founder of Rappers I Know, threw up a link to the crew's Bandcamp page and I got to check out their new set, We Come In Peace. Words don't really do justice to just how good this is, folks (but since I'm a writer, I'll try my best). Hailing from Houston (Texas talent once again!), the group is a spinoff of sorts from hip-hop collective H.I.S.D. and consists of Spacebunny Jefferson (aka Khimmy J) and King Coz (and perhaps one of the spaciest bios I've ever read) and has a futuristic soul sound that's oh-so-easy to get behind. Take for instance their fresh "Feel Trip." It's full of a cool synthesizer and bass groove as Khimmy sings about playing her game of cat-and-mouse. The video for the song amplifies the sound as it shows the crew in the studio having fun with the camera (Those afro wigs? Hilarious.) "Feel Trip" is just the tip of the iceberg with this crew, though. If you'd like to get a better feel for them (see what I did there?), then purchase We Come In Peace to see what other worlds Radio Galaxy can take you. Start your journey off by pressing play below.

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