Are You ‘Dreaming’ Of Having A Pizza Party With Mayer Hawthorne?

Mayer Hawthorne is three for three with creative music videos for songs off of his newest album, How Do You Do. Previous clips for "A Long Time" and "The Walk" both proved to be quite entertaining -- one for its low budget nostalgia and the other for its high budget slickness. Now Mayer mines the gold of my childhood with the video for "Dreaming" set in a pizza parlor/restaurant theatre chain from the good old days, ShowBiz Pizza Place, where I went to many a birthday/pizza party growing up. The big draw for ShowBiz Pizza Place -- because it damn sure wasn't the tired pizza -- was the animatronic "band" The Rock-afire Explosion that "performed" at the venue. Hawthorne recreates that magic here and has me feeling like I'm 10 again. For me to sit through a video for a song that I don't particularly care for, it's got to be something special. Watch and be transported back to the days of bad pizza and corny yet cute singing animals. [H/T: OKP]

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