Catch Kendra Morris’ ‘Concrete Waves’

As much muck as Twitter can rake up, especially when a reality or award show is on TV, I'm finding that it can be one of the best ways to discover new artists or music. Kendra Morris is one such artist. Ms. Morris, a signee to Wax Poetics' record label, already released her single "Concrete Waves" earlier this year and released the video for the track shortly before Thanksgiving. While the song is definitely a bit dark in tone, I wasn't expecting the video to take the turns that it did (and I'm glad that it did). It tells the story of a love affair with Kendra that wasn't meant to be, turning the viewer into the jealous ex who then seeks his own revenge. Just when you fear the worst for Kendra, she turns the tables on him and brings a different meaning to the song's title. The song itself is a very great introduction to Kendra, who has a great voice and an interesting style that I'd definitely be interested in seeing more of. Kendra's debut album for Wax Poetics is set to be released early next year. Check out "Concrete Waves" below and then hit the bounce to hear DJ Premier's thumping remix of the track.

After the bounce

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