Imagine The ‘Possibilities’ With Timothy Bloom

We received quite an eyeful when we were first introduced to Timothy Bloom earlier this year with his video for the song "Til the End of Time" featuring V. Bozeman. Time itself seemed to stop while viewing the just-shy-of-scandalous visual of two beautiful brown bodies naked and intertwined in a loving embrace. Oh yeah, there was a song involved, too, which they sang to each other that was pretty darn good to boot, putting us on notice that Timothy Bloom had more to offer than just a well-toned gluteus maximus. Fast forward to now and Bloom has finally released another video for the song "Possibilities" from The Budding Rose EP. In the clip we see an old man come across a dusty piano in the dessert that he cleans off before he sits down to play. Then we see Timothy at the same piano in its better days and when he had better days with the person who he's singing to on the song. This video is sweet and pulls at the heartstrings a little at the end.