Lonny Bereal Wants To Leave Something ‘Under The Tree’

If you crave holiday music that's as naughty as spiked egg nog, look no further because Lonny Bereal has a special present for you. His single "Under The Tree" featuring J-Doe is right on time for Christmas, and you are sure to unwrap more than a smile if you put this on the stereo set. Lonnie croons longingly about sliding down his lover's "chimney" and giving her a special "gift." At first listen it sounds like a Turquoise Jeep record, but eventually you get swept away in the guilty pleasure of it all (and musically, it ain't all bad, well except for the Alvin and the Chipmunks voices at the end). Don't be put off by the explicit nature of the song -- there's a clean version for you squares out there. Whether you're baking cookies or putting the finishing touches on the tree, this song will give you and your lover something to bodyroll in unison to during the holidays.

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