Shabazz Palaces Have Nowhere To Go But ‘Up’

Ask anybody that knows me from high school and they'll tell you that my teenaged heart beat madly for Digable Planets, specifically for their front man Ishmael Butler. I bought and memorized both albums, front to back, and their concert was even the first that underage-Ivory ever snuck into. That said, when I discovered a few years back that he was back to making music as part of Shabazz Palaces, I was more than happy that he was back in the musical spotlight. And though their beginnings were shrouded in mystery, Butler and his co-hort, Tendai Maraire stepped out of the shadows earlier this year with their debut full-length release Black Up. Though aurally, the sound is veers sharply from D.P.'s jazzy debut Rebirth of Slick, Butler's nasally flow and thought-provoking lyrics (along with his good looks!) still remain. If you haven't had a chance to check out the release, then lucky for you, the duo released an official album short film to get a taste of what you're been missing. Filled to the brim with eye-catching images, the vid showcases the group's experimental sound. And if you were a DP fan like myself, then the sly nod to their song "Escapism (Gettin' Free)" around the 3:05 mark is a welcomed bridge between the two.

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