Carlitta Durand Takes On Beyoncé & Frank Ocean

Under normal circumstances, you'd be hard-pressed to get me to listen to a song from Beyoncé, and more recently, Frank Ocean. Even though both artists seem to be everywhere these days, I've somehow mastered the art of tuning out their voices before anything even registered in my consciousness. It's like my brain is hardwired to resist the Illuminati powers that be, i.e. their music. While I'm sure they make good enough songs (I mean, everybody can't be wrong), Bey bores me to tears, and I sincerely hope that someone gifted Ocean with some singing lessons this past holiday season. However, one of the few ways to get me to listen anything from either of them is to have an artist I'm actually checking for to sing it. In this instance, Carlitta Durand manages to deliver the one-two punch and trick me into listening to songs by both artists. In two clips she just uploaded to YouTube, the North Carolina-based vocalist takes on Bey's "I Miss You" and Frank's "We All Try." While I've never heard either of the originals, Carlitta's voice gives me a serious case of the warm tinglies. Granted, my opinion is clearly skewed on this, so SoulBouncers, do tell: does Carlitta rise to the challenge?

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