Opolopo Shares His ‘Twenty-Second Thoughts’

I'm seriously beginning to wonder if Opolopo has lived in a time machine for the past 25 years, because some of his music sounds straight out of the mid-'80s as opposed to current day. It's uncanny how much he has that heavily-synthesized funkdafied sound down. He is one of the few who are still making music to bodyroll to, often alongside his big-voiced wife Amalia. For his latest creation, which is something he unearthed from his hard drive from 2005 (but I really think it's 2985), he doesn't employ any vocalists for the instrumental "Twenty-Second Thoughts." Instead, he treats us to over five minutes of body-moving jazz-funk. There's nothing smooth jazz here; Opolopo wants you to get up and move, not fall asleep. And you definitely don't want to sleep on this, especially with a free download.   


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