Sandie Black Has ‘Gotta Get Free’

Sandie Black is a new group to hit the scene that is shrouded in mystery. Seriously, all that I know about them is that they are from Toronto. Anything outside of that, down to who is even in the group, is a secret. Although I have my early suspicions, I will wait until they choose to reveal themselves and simply revel in the awesomeness that is their first single.

"Gotta Get Free" is a mashup of various styles -- soul, rock, hip-hop -- to create something futuristically funky. Think the quirkiness of Janelle Monáe with the edge of J*DaVeY or Idle Warship but in their own lane entirely. Exactly who Sandie Black is might be a mystery for now, however, there's no guessing about whether I want to hear more from this secret society. That's a definite.

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