Take A Look Into Van Hunt’s ‘Eyes’

Van Hunt's What Were You Hoping For? was one of last year's musical surprises. Not because it isn't good (it's actually one of Van's best, in my opinion), but because of the drastic departure from the soul sound we had come to know him for. Still, the album did have some cuts reminiscent of the the old Van, including the ballad "Eyes Like Pearls." While "Pearls" isn't actually my favorite track from the album -- that honor would go to the punk-y "Watching You Go Crazy (Is Driving Me Insane)" -- it is a moment of Van at his songwriting finest. Van dropped the video for this one back in December and, in our rush of year-end coverage, we somehow left this one by the wayside. But, as they say, better late than never. The video for "Eyes Like Pearls" meshes footage of Van performing in-studio with black-and-white footage of two artistic lovers who can never seem to find their way to each other until the video's very end, where they finally come face to face and see eye-to-eye. How romantic. Take a look for yourself below and then stay through the bounce for a live performance of "Watching You Go Crazy" at New York's WFUV Radio.

After the bounce



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