Diggs Duke Stands Tall In Herbie Hancock’s ‘Shadows’

That ever-talented, and Bounce-Worthy, gentleman Diggs Duke is back again with some more candy for your ears. This time around, Diggs sets his sights on some of the '70s work of jazz great Herbie Hancock by dedicating a tribute series appearing on his SoundCloud page. For his first foray, he fuses Herbie's "Vein Melter" and "Hidden Shadows" into a kind of funky slow jam that sounds just right and clocks in much shorter than the original tracks' combined 20-minute running time. Its succinctness shouldn't be bemoaned, however, as its end leaves you simply wanting more. I'm sure Mr. Hancock would be very proud to hear it. Judging by the artwork accompanying the song, we should also expect to hear Diggs' take on two other Herbie classics, "Bubbles" and "I Thought It Was You," as well. To say that I'm looking forward to those would be a huge understatement. For now, take a musical break away from your busy day and listen to "Vein Melter/Hidden Shadows" below. Oh, and if you're digging Diggs, he's offering this one up for a limited free download as well. I'd suggest you all hop to it.


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