Blacktree Music Plants Healthy ‘Soul Seeds’

We've already mourned the slow death of soul soundtracks in recent years, and hand-in-hand with that is the lack of good soul/R&B compilation records. Outside of soundtracks, compilation albums were also a vehicle for record labels to break new artists, cross-promote existing acts, or recycle music with greatest hits or remixes packages, as well as a way for brands to harness the power of music to appeal to a certain demographic with themed compilations. Think everything from Bad Boy's Greatest Hits Volume 1 to Heineken's Red Star Sounds. Nowadays compilations have given way mixtapes and DJ mixes, but indieground label Blacktree Music is trying to bring the soul/R&B compilation back with their Blacktree Music Presents: Soul Seeds, Vol. One project. The 16-track album features music from a total of 14 artists, all of which were new to my ears prior to listening and later loving what I heard. This compilation has provided me with the perfect introduction to singers Bianca Star, Ashley Guin, Metropolis, Roxy5000, and Erica Paige to name a select few. If these names are unfamiliar to you as well, then a good listen to Soul Seeds is all you need to get familiar. The album is on sale now via Bandcamp (with the option to receive a physical CD), and you can listen right here to get a preview of the quality soul and R&B stylings that are growing in Blacktree Music's garden. 


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