Bobby Womack’s Latest Has Lots Of ‘Heart’

If you've watched TV One's stellar series Unsung this season, then you probably caught the episode featuring the legendary Bobby Womack. Womack, whose career has spanned over five decades, is stepping back onto the scene with his first album in 13 years,The Bravest Man in the Universe, and the new single "Please Forgive My Heart." "Heart" takes advantage of Bobby's soulful weathered rasp, pairing it with a minimal backdrop of piano along with synths and a programmed drumbeat. Bobby's lyrics, which have always been on point, are just as touching as they've always been as he sings the song's bluntly honest chorus. "Please Forgive My Heart" is one of 10 tracks that will appear on the new album, which is produced by Gorillaz' Damon Albarn and Richard Russell. To hear the other nine tracks, we'll have to wait until this summer, when The Bravest Man in the Universe will be released on June 12th via XL Recordings. Take a listen below and grab a free download while you're at it.


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