Cody ChesnuTT’s ‘Parting’ Is Such Sweet Sorrow

One of the best conversations I've ever had about music was when I had a chat with Cody ChesnuTT after a Roots show in Dallas way back in 2003. That's why I'm so stoked about his return to the scene. While his best known song might be the bad-ass "Look Good in Leather," I always felt that he was best when performing his love songs. Take his newest video for the song "Parting Ways." The lyrics might get a bit weird ("May your tongue be coated in a garment of good news" for example), but the heartfelt sentiment is felt throughout the acoustic offering. No word on whether or not this will make the cut for his upcoming Landing on a Hundred, but it's a great song and performance nonetheless. [H/T: OKP]

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