Dial Phlo Finister’s ‘Wrong #’

Phlo Finister is a former model and celebrity stylist with a soul full of music. This Oakland-born, LA-based singer wants the world to see her music not just hear it. Phlo gives us a mysterious and intriguing vibe, almost like she dances to beat of her own drum but with style. Her latest video for the song "Wrong #," produced by Jay Curry, features her singing the first half of the track and a lengthy phone conversation. It's quite catchy, but we need more Phlo! The video is giving us a glimpse into her personal style, but not a lot of focus is given to relaying what the song is about. This video may not give you everything, but don't give up on Phlo. Her voice has a certain depth that makes you want to take a second listen. Listening to her recently released EP, Crown Gold (grab the free download here), she infuses the tracks with her smooth and almost dark vocals. I see a future in Phlo -- I just hope I'm not left on hold.

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