Green Tea Will Be There ‘After The Laughter’

With a name that recalls my herbal brew of choice, it's hard to have a memory lapse about DC songstress, Green Tea. Then again her brand of soul and vocal panache is hard to forget as well. It's been awhile since her refreshing Beautiful Weirdo mixtape dropped, but now she's back in stride with with her third serving, Dosage III: Time 2 B.E., which features production by Kev Brown and Dre King among others. The first taste of that project comes in the form of first single, "After The Laughter," which shakes a real nice tailfeather as it interweaves a melodic '60's girl group refrain in with some urgent percussion. Featuring Oddisee on the rhymes, Green Tea stands her ground and proudly proclaims how she gets the last laugh after a relationship, and her fiery testimony is a much-needed jolt. While we have to wait until April to give Dosage III a spin, in the meantime, Green Tea is giving us a fly-on-wall look at what is to come with the album as well as allowing us into her personal zone with the web series, Tea Time with Green Tea. She's also got a fresh new website up, too, so really there is no excuse to not be on the up on what Green Tea has in store.


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