Jada Pinkett Smith And Wicked Evolution ‘Burn’ Bright

The fact that some actors can sing is nothing new, but after sampling her work with her band Wicked Wisdom, Jada Pinkett Smith had left me kind of cold. Imagine my shock, then, when I pressed play on her new video "Burn." The song, which she dedicates to her hubby Will, allows Jada to flex her vocal prowess, and I must admit she sounds pretty good. Starting the video by further expressing her love for Will en español (guess el chisme really isn't true), the clip then cuts to Jada backed by her band -- now calling themselves Wicked Evolution -- and a small orchestra as she begins the torch song. Also to be noted is the amount of face that Mrs. Pinkett Smith is giving. If one doubted that her words were heartfelt, the myriad of emotions her face is conveying answers any questions. "Burn" serves as our first taste from an upcoming live project by Wicked Evolution. While you keep your eye out for that one, sneak a peek at "Burn" below.

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