KEM Has Goapele On His ‘Mind’ In His New Video

KEM enlists a few famous faces in his new video for the tune "You're On My Mind." Viewers will immediately recognize his love interest being played by dimpled cutie and fellow singer Goapele. However, their romance appears to be on the rocks as we see KEM laying in bed looking lonely and pitiful. That's until his homeboys, played by comedians Anthony Anderson and Bruce Bruce, give him a call and tell him to snap out of his funk because they're on their way over. KEM perks up and we see him rocking a robe and dancing down the hallway while singing into a remote control. (Wait, dudes do that, too?) Anderson and Bruce arrive with dry jokes and liquor and KEM reluctantly gets dressed for a night out. That's until Goapele shows back up on his doorstep and his plans quickly get changed. Can you blame the man? 

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