Let Sandra Nkaké ‘Show’ You ‘The Way’ It Should Be Done

I hadn't heard of French-Cameroonian jazz singer Sandra Nkaké until I got my hands on Mark de Clive-Lowe's excellent Renegades album. Sandra was featured on the opening track and my interest was piqued enough to file away her name as one to check out. Fast forward to earlier this year and her name cropped up again, this time alongside John Turrell on "The Way It Goes" from Dilouya's recent album, Dilouya's Faithful Circus. The performance on the latter was enough to make me actively search out some more of Sandra's material and, along the way, I discovered she released an album called Mansaadi back in '09 and is gearing up to release her sophomore set, Nothing For Granted, next month. If her debut is anything to go by, then Nothing For Granted will be an essential purchase, a point that is reinforced by a recent live performance of "Show Me The Way," a track taken from the upcoming album. Simple is the order of the day here, with Sandra backed by guitar and flute, letting her voice take center stage.

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