Lili K. & Peter CottonTale Make A ‘Name’ For Themselves

Remember Lili K. and Peter CottonTale? The singer/producer duo managed to melt my Grinch-like heart over the holidays. Well, she's back with some more musical goodness. Last summer's Prelude to Hello EP had plenty of solid tracks. One that stood above the bunch, however, was the jazzy groove "My Name Is," which featured rhymes by The GTW. Never one to rest on laurels, Peter CottonTale has gone ahead and flipped the track (which he originally produced). Adding harder hitting drums and a few flourishes, a new life is breathed into the song. The remix of "My Name Is" is available as a free download and serves to prepare audiences for the new sounds coming your way when the follow up to Prelude, titled Metal Petals, blooms this spring. Oh, and for those bouncers in Chicago, be sure to check Lili, Peter, and the rest of the crew when they play The Double Door tonight with BJ The Chicago Kid.


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