Melody Thornton’s ‘Lipstick’ Is A Dark Shade

The dark, ominous tone of The Throne's "No Church in the Wild" doesn't exactly scream "This should be an R&B song" to me, but it did for ex-Pussycat Dolls member Melody Thornton on her track "Lipstick & Guilt." Following the track's already dark tone, Melody's song is an indictment of a woman in the music industry who's lost her way and will do anything to succeed -- hmm, I wonder who she could possibly be throwing shade at. The video for the track somewhat echoes the song's dark undertones as it focuses solely on a beautifully made-up Thornton alone on what looks like a cold, windy mountaintop in her flowy, purple dress. The video, however, is a shorter affair than the track. I would've loved a bit more exposition or story to it (or even a costume change), but it's a decent enough effort for what it is. Thornton's mixtape P.O.Y.B.L. (which stands for Piss on Your Black List, by the way), will drop for free on March 15th.

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