Norah Jones Takes Her ‘Happy Pills’

Hit-or-miss Norah Jones is usually for me, yet, I tend to be biased about her based on the fact that she attended my alma mater. (Go Mean Green!) OK, that's a real lousy reason for bias, as I do dig her vocally, and her 2002 set, Come Away With Me, is an aural treat. It's just that on the flip-side, Jones later on just didn't really sit with me. Like there was always a little missing puzzle piece that seemed to get sucked into and stuck in the vacuum cleaner to where I can never complete the full picture of her. What initially drew intrigue for Jones' upcoming project, Little Broken Hearts, was the fact that Danger Mouse was in the production driver's seat, and here on the first single, "Happy Pills," it's evident that he's added a little zip to Jones' step -- or the missing puzzle piece, if you will. Riding on thick basslines and country-fried bluesy guitar wails, "Happy Pills" is indeed the perkiest jaunt I've heard from her, and it has, in a way completed that picture of Ms. Jones to where I'm looking mighty forward to whatever Little Broken Hearts has in store when it hits shelves on May 1st.


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