Robin Thicke Delivers A ‘Pretty Lil” Video

Robin Thicke cuffs his jeans, flexes in a white tee, and channels his inner James Dean in the '50's-styled video for "Pretty Lil' Heart." (Although they didn't have Beats by Dre in the 1950s, but I digress.) The wretched of the earth that is Lil Wayne makes a guest appearance at the beginning of the video with his useless rap, so feel free to fast forward to about the 1:10 mark to miss him. The rest of the video is set in a motel where we find Thicke romancing two women (albeit not at the same time...bummer), performing in a lounge, and walking down a desolate highway. The scenery and lighting is sexy and Robin looks like he's been working out, which all combine to make this worth a watch even though the plot is pretty confusing to nonexistent.

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